Adhishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari Ammanavara Temple, SriKshetra Horanadu - 577 181, Chickmagalore

Rural Development

Rural Developement Programmes Launched from November 1991

1. Gruhalakshmi Yojane

Providing free rofing tiles of 1000 numbers to the financially poor families of 200 numbers, with no discrimination of cast, every year from the temple.

2.Ananda Jyothi Yajane

Providing free electrification to 50 houses belonging to the poor families from the temple every year.

3. Dharmika Abhivrudhdhi Yojane

People are guided on “Vasthu Shilpa” and in construction of new temples, scluptures, renovation of old temples, historical manuments and chariots and helped them in providing the financial assistance. renovation of sri durgamba temple at kalasa belonging to the Govt. of Karnataka was done by us and prathistapana was performed by his holiness Sri sri raghavendra bharathi theertha mahaswamiji of gokarna mandalacharya hosanagar matha,karnataka,providing financial assistance in construction of mosks,christian churches and educational institutions.

4. Vidhya Nidhi Yojane

We adopt merrit, poor and financially weak students every year to help them financially to continue their studies in degree classes, sanskrit classes, vedadhyayana classes from the temple.we provide financial assistance to the rural schools to construct rooms, play grounds,and cultural halls etc,and attended many such public functions.

5. Dhanwanthari Yojane

We provide the financial assistance for the medical treatment for the poor and financially weaker section people who are suffering from kidney failure,cancer , heart problems,bye-pass surjery,and brain tumers from the temple.

Under this plan we established “Adhishakthyathmaka Annapurneshwari Charitable Hospital “ on 17-11-2001 to provide free treatment and medicine for the people of villages sourrended to horanadu and for piligrims also.we have also privided an ambulance for the villagers of horanadu and surrounded villages to carry patients to nearest hospitals in case of emergency.

6. Sapthapadhi Yojane

We conduct free mass marriage of 40 couples who are very poor and financially weak belonging to all castes at temple premises every year and provide silksaree, gold mangala suthra, blouse,shirt,dhothi and shalya to the bride and bride groom.

7. Dharmopanayana Programme

We conduct free dharmopanayana to 25 to 40 brahmacharies from the temple every year on the day of “shankara jayanthi

8. Help in Rehabilitation Programme

We have provided finance to the Govt. of Karnataka in rehabilitation works to the people who lost their lives and belongings due to the heavy rains and natural calamities.

9. Socio-Economic Programes

We have donated free land to the government of karnataka for the construction of grama panchayath buildings veternary hospital and girijana ashrama shala exclusively for the schedule tribe students, sulabh shauchalaya etc.we have donated 200 tolet sets to horanadu grama panchayath to provide toilets to villagers under swacha grama yojana.
Our individual effort with Government of Karnataka in getting the Telephone Exchange, Upgrade of Post Office, Veterinary Hospital, Grama Panchayath, fair price shop and society to the people of Horanadu village.
Providing free food for about two hundred fifty students of the l0cal school every day since 35 years regularly at temple.
Taken active participation in construction of village motorable road to balige village of about 10 kms.
Providing free mini bus service to balige and chikkanakodige village school childrens.

10. Cultural Activities

We conduct week long programme in promoting artists of all arts like Yakshagana, Karnatic music, Folk Songs and Dances, Bharathanatyam, Stage Plays , Age old village songs singing etc.

11. Felicitation and Honouring to the Artists

we honour and filicitate the artists who have contributed unique performances in yakshagana, karnatic music, folk songs and dances, bharatha natyam, stage plays,ageold village songs singing etc. at our temple during navarathri, laksha deepothsava,car festival and akshaya thadige every year.

Important Events held at Temple

  1. Inaguration of “Annapoorna Chaithnya Chathra” by the Ex -Chief Minister MR S.Bangarappa of Karnataka on 25-10-1991.
  2. Inaguration of “Sri Annapoorna Sadana” having 20 rooms by SMT D K Tharadevi, Ex-Central Minister of state for family welfare.
  3. We have provided complete transperent shade inside the temple premises to avoid the piligrims from heat and rain at a cost of Rs 14 lakhs.

Dharmopanayana Programme

We conduct free Dharmopanayana to 25 to 40 Brahmacharies from the temple every year on the day of “Shankara Jayanthi”.

Distribution of roofing tiles, Inaguration of electrification of 40 S.C/S.T/Minority group of families of balige village by different ministers and swamijees at temple.

Honoring of Artists including MR. Mahabala Hedge, MR. Shambhu Hedge {Yakshagana}, SMT Usha Dathar, Yamini Machayya in Bharathanatyam, MR Kadri Gopalanath (Saxophonist) etc. Authors, Journalists, Krushi Prabruthis, Social Workers and Freedom Fighters etc. from the temple.


Total Contributions given by Temple under Various Schemesfrom 1991-92 to 2012-13

1991-92 91250 00
1992-93 150900 00
1992-94 190600 00
1994-95 553700 00
1995-96 777775 00
1996-97 1013650 00
1997-98 1928400 00
1998-99 2176700 00
1999-00 2511350 00
2000-01 3182450 00
2001-02 4026100 00
2002-03 3017350 00
2003-04 3651000 00
2004-05 3318780 00
2005-06 4584225 00
2006-07 5515605 00
2007-08 5999605 00
2008-09 6968808 00
2009-10 10588707 00
2010-11 8723763 00
2011-12 10038759 00
2012-13 10322430 00
2013-14 - 00
2014-15 - 00
Total 8,93,31,907 00


Total Contributions given by Temple under Various Schemes from 1992 to 2013

Various Schemes Total Amount
1 Sapthapadi Yojane 1992 to 2013 682 Couple 2199900.00
2 Gruhalaxmi Yojane 1992 to 2013 4399 Houses 33635900.00
3 Anandajyothi Yojane 1992 to 2013 1010 Houses 4594200.00
4 Annadasoha Yojane 1992 to 2013 1051 Schools 8872240.00
5 Mahilabhivruddhi Yojane 1992 to 2013 208 Peoples 891700.00
6 Dharmika Yojane 1992 to 2013 7950688.00
7 Dhanwanthari Yojane 1992 to 2013 12273246.00
8 Shaikshanika Yojane 1992 to 2013 6398904.00
9 Samajika Yojane 1992 to 2013 6363633.00
10 Samskruthika Yojane 1992 to 2013 5762096.00
11 Samuhika Upanayana 1992 to 2013 394 389400.00
Total 8,93,31,907.00